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Over the course of eight decades, a lot has changed about us. We have relocated, undergone expansion, developed new product lines & added segments, opened retail chains & stores across India and embraced new markets overseas. One thing hasn’t changed – we’re still a tight-knit family business, committed to serving the most authentic taste of India through our products.

Our origins can be traced back to a small namkeen shop in Bikaner founded by Ganga Bishan Agarwal (Haldiram Ji). This modest shop quickly gained popularity and scaled up to meet a booming demand for its unique-tasting bhujia. Building on this legacy, his grandson, our pioneer Mr. Shiv Kishan Agrawal steered the business towards the heights it has tasted today.

Determined to take bhujia beyond the boundaries of Bikaner, he shifted base to Nagpur in 1970. We opened our first full-production unit to introduce a delectable variety of savouries, sweets and beverages to the market. The success of this venture led us to expand and evolve as a brand, that is an integral part of every Indian household.

From our formative years, he instilled the value of keeping the tradition and quality intact, even as we matured as a company. All our products maintain a consistent sense of simplicity. The ingredients and recipes were picked to accentuate these ideas and are followed to this date. We promise that all our products are natural, wholesome and have a homemade feel to them.

Although, Haldiram’s is about more than just food. By creating a strong sense of community and supporting our associates, we continue to feel like a true family business. We carry these values with us as we operate together to serve generations of happy connoisseurs across the globe and continue to be the nation’s beloved snack-food company.

As the age old saying goes, “The way to one’s heart courses through their stomach”. We want to leave no stone unturned to win your hearts.

Our Business Models

About Haldiram’s Franchise

Explore the numerous business options offered by Haldiram’s to discover limitless possibilities. Haldiram’s has grown into one of India’s biggest snack manufacturing brands over the course of eight decades. Our dedication to bringing the real taste of India is unwavering, and we welcome ambitious entrepreneurs to join our family through a variety of franchise opportunities. Investigate Haldiram’s Restaurant Franchise, Distributorship, Dealership, Namkeen Agency, and Product Distributorship as a path to success.

Applying for a Haldiram’s Franchise Online

Starting a Haldiram’s franchise has never been easier. Review our investment documentation and initiate direct contact with us to smoothly navigate the application process. Say goodbye to third-party involvement; we want direct interactions with enthusiastic individuals eager to immerse themselves in the world of Haldiram’s. Take advantage of the ease and convenience of our online application platform, which ensures a smooth and efficient procedure for individuals looking to start their own business with Haldiram’s.Haldiram Franchise Restaurant minimum Area Required: 1000–2000 Sq FtHaldiram Distributorship minimum Area Required: 800 Sq FtHaldiram dealership minimum Area required: 500 Sq Ft

How do I apply online for Haldiram’s franchise?

After carefully reviewing our investment paperwork, you must contact us personally. There is no third-party participation in obtaining a Haldiram’s franchise. We interact directly with potential Haldiram’s franchisees. You can also apply online. We provide the following business franchisees: Haldiram’s Restaurant Franchise, Haldiram’s Distributorship, Haldiram’s Dealership, Haldiram’s Namkeen Agency, and Haldiram’s Products Distributorship.

Exploring Haldiram’s Franchise Business Models: Unlocking Lucrative Opportunities in the Food Industry


Delve into the esteemed Haldiram’s brand, a prominent player in the Indian food industry, and understand the significance of exploring its diverse franchise business models. This introduction provides a brief overview of Haldiram’s influence in the market, setting the stage for aspiring entrepreneurs to seize promising opportunities.

Single Unit Franchise Model

Uncover the details of Haldiram’s single-unit franchise model, elucidating its benefits, requirements, and the operational support provided by the brand. Navigate through essential information such as investment costs, location criteria, and the comprehensive assistance offered to franchisees, creating a comprehensive understanding of this lucrative business model.

Multi-Unit Franchise Model

Explore the advantages of Haldiram’s multi-unit franchise model, designed for entrepreneurs aspiring to expand their business portfolio. This section provides insights into the scalability, financial implications, and operational considerations associated with this model, empowering entrepreneurs with the knowledge needed for successful expansion.

Conversion Franchise Model

Gain an overview of Haldiram’s conversion franchise model, a pathway for existing businesses to convert to Haldiram’s brand. Understand the benefits of such a conversion, including enhanced market visibility and access to an established customer base, making it an enticing option for business owners seeking a prestigious brand association.

International Franchise Model

Delve into the international franchise model offered by Haldiram’s, uncovering the potential for global expansion with this renowned brand. Learn about international market opportunities, cultural considerations, and the support provided by Haldiram’s to facilitate the success of global franchisees.


Conclude the exploration of Haldiram’s diverse franchise business models with an encouraging note for aspiring franchisees. Emphasize the importance of choosing a model aligned with their entrepreneurial goals and capabilities. The call-to-action prompts individuals interested in learning more about these franchise business models to initiate the franchising process with Haldiram’s, unlocking a world of possibilities in the food industry. For detailed information, contact Haldiram’s Franchise through the provided contact number or conveniently apply online for Haldiram’s franchise opportunities.

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